"THE BRAD" is the 1º episode of Season 1 of Kid vs Kat Crossover Disney.

Synopsis Edit

Coop and Dennis traveled to Mellowbrook along with Lorn and Harley. Lorn and Harley took the book of Captain Blasteroid and delivered it to the door of the house of Kick Buttowski and the archenemy of Coop called "The Brad" and his name is Bradley "Brad" Elizabeth Isy Buttowski is the older brother of Kick Buttowski. Dennis says he took the "Tankini Lumberjacks" magazines and the croissant to Kick Buttowski's door and then Dennis did not want the croissant and then Brad took Dennis's hand. Coop retrieves the book from Captain Blasteroid and Brad cheats at his brother Kick's house. Coop re-enters Kick's house where Brad continues to cheat. Coop retrieved his book and brought the croissant to Dennis.

Appearances Edit

  • Coop Burtonburger
  • Dennis Lawrence Chan
  • Lorn and Harley
  • Brad Buttowski
  • Clarece Buttowski (Cameo)
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